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ISSN : 2092-8475(Print)
ISSN : (Online)
Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research Vol.9 No.4 pp.1676-1682

Short-term Effects of Lumbar Rotation Mobilization on the Single-Leg Standing Balance Ability in Healthy People: A Pilot Study

Bo Kyung Kima,Wan Suk Choia,Seo Yoon Heob
aInternational University of Korea, Jinju, b Kyungbok University, Pochen, Republic of Korea
Address for correspondence Seo Yoon Heo, OT, Ph.D Department of occupational Therapy, School of medical and Health Care, Kyung Bok University, 154, Sinpyengro, Sinbukmyeon, Pochen-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Tel: 031-539-5351


The purpose of this study was to investigate the short-term effects of lumbar rotational mobilization under the single-leg standing (SLS) position. Fifteen healthy individuals were recruited, and randomized to agroup of trunk rotational exercise (TRE) and lumbar rotational mobilization (LRM). Trunk twist rotational exercise was performed to the TRE group, and mobilization was applied to the LRM group on the lumbar spine. Velocity of the center of pressure (VCOP) and center of pressure (COP) for each participant were measured through SLS. COPs were not significantly increased or decreased after treatment in both groups. VCOPs also did not change considerably except on the right side when the eye was closed. There was no significant difference between COPs and VCOPs in two groups. This study suggests that trunk rotation exercise and lumbar rotation mobilization would have similar effects on balance ability.