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ISSN : 2092-8475(Print)
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Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research Vol.10 No.2 pp.1791-1796

The Effects of Vibration Exercise after Modified Bröstrom Operation in Soccer Players with Ankle Instability

Sanghoon Kiam,Yangrae Kimb,Yongyoun Kimc
aOsan University, Osan, Korea
bSamsungbon hospital, Osan, Korea
cDongnam Health University, Suwon, Korea
Address for correspondence
Yongyoun Kim, Ph.D, Prof.
Department of Physical Therapy, Dongnam Health University, 50, CheonCheon-ro 74- gil, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Kyounggi-do, Korea Tel: 82-10-8724-9783


Background: Vibration exercise after ankle surgery improves proprioception and ankle muscle strength through vibration stimulation. Objective: To examine the effects of vibration exercise on the ankle stability. Design: Randomized controlled clinical trial (single blind)
Methods: Twenty soccer players were randomly divided into experimental group and control group. The Vibration exercise program was conducted 12 weeks and 3 times a week. Ankle joint proprioceptive sensory test and Isokinetic muscle strength test were performed using Biodex system pro Ⅲ to measure plantar flexion / dorsiflexion and eversion / inversion motion.
Results: The result of isokinetic test of ankle joint is showed significant improvement in all measurement items, such as leg flexion, lateral flexion, external and internal muscle forces, compared to previous ones by performing vibration movements for 12 weeks. However, in the comparison group, plantar flexor (30°), eversion muscle (120°), inversion (30°) of limb muscle strength were significantly improvedcompared with the previous phase; was no significant difference in dorsi-flexion. There was no significant difference between groups in all the items.
Conclusions: In this study, we analyzed the effects of rehabilitation exercise on soccer players who had reconstructed with an ankle joint ligament injury through vibration exercise device. As a result, we could propose an effective exercise method to improve the ability, and confirmed the applicability as an appropriate exercise program to prevent ankle injuries and help quick return.