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ISSN : 2092-8475(Print)
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Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research Vol.11 No.1 pp.1960-1968

Effects of Dynamic Exercise Program Using Thera-Band on Craniovertebral Angle in Adults with Forward Head Posture

Hyungsoo Shin,Kihyun Kim,Namjin Jung
Department of Physical Therapy, Kyungwoon University, Gumi, Republic of Korea


Background: The alignment of the neck and shoulder is important in people with forward head posture. However, previous studies have mainly conducted fragmentary studies on the neck and shoulders, and studies on the combined movement of the neck and shoulders are incomplete.
Objective: To investigate the effects of 6 week dynamic exercise program using Thera-band on craniovertebral angle (CVA) in adults with forward head posture.
Design: Quasi-experimental study.
Methods: The study was conducted on 24 adults with forward head posture and experimented with neck and shoulder exercises and divided them into groups of neck exercises, shoulder exercises, and neck and shoulder exercises to measure CVA values before and after the experiment. The neck exercise program included flexion and extension muscles of the neck and shoulder exercises included dynamic exercise of the upper extremities such as the trapezius muscles and serratus anterior muscle. The CVA results were measured using PA200.
Results: Following the interventions, neck exercise group showed significant improvement in CVA (P<.05), but shoulder exercise group and combined exercise group did not show any significant results (P>.05). However, both groups showed some positive results. Significant differences were seen in the comparisons between the three groups (P<.05), and the results of the posthoc test showed significant differences in neck exercise group and shoulder exercise, neck exercise and combine exercise group.
Conclusion: This study suggested that the Thera-band neck exercise is beneficial for foward head posture patients and is expected to be used in clinical trials.